Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Never in our wildest dreams would we have thought that on the day the courts re-opened, we would get a call from our caseworker telling us we had a court date!!! We are scheduled to meet our sweet baby girl on November 29! Court date is November 30.

We are shocked! Amazed! Excited! So Happy!

This comes after being able to see baby B "live" (video from sweet Kirstin!) last night and falling even more in love with her...we can't wait.

**What are the odds that the same week we are to be in Ethiopia (with my parents), my older sister (who is taking our boys) is moving and my younger sister is having her 2nd little boy?! We do love drama in the Reynolds family :)


  1. Just thought I would stop by to say hi and... CONGRATS on getting your court date!! Very exciting!!! : ) I look forward to reading all about your first visits with your precious little girl... and your trip to Ethiopia! We have been on the wait list for just over 15 months, so we aren't staring at the phone just yet, but getting close (hopefully!). : ) Wishing you all the best! ~Chrissy

  2. Such great news! They handed out a few court dates last week... so I've been checking your blog incessantly since then! So glad that you got a court date - and so soon!

  3. great news! We leave Addis on the 26th so we will just miss you. Congratulations!